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It’s What We Do

Helping people with their vacant land is the core value that drives our business: we help landowners get rid of unwanted land and work to improve the communities we serve.

As Land Helpers, we set ourselves apart from the rest by being honest and providing you with options on how to get cash for your vacant land. Whether you’re browsing “Sell My Vacant Land Fast” or want to explore other avenues, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

HOW WE COMPARE Land Helper Business Logo Traditional Process
Varies from 5-10% plus
Closing Costs
$100’s - $1000’s
Average day to close
You choose
Varies, months to years
Back taxes
We pay back taxes, $0 out of pocket
You pay before closing costing you $ out of pocket
Inheritance, trusts, probate, divorce or other issues...
We are the Land Helpers. We have the experience to solve your problems
Lawyers, accountants, and other specialist may need to be hired to resolve issues
Amount paid to you
Land Helpers pay you the full cash offer amount
You get sales prices minus taxes, fees, closing costs, etc.
Process vs Traditional Process of Buying and Selling the Land


The Land Helpers Way

The Land Helpers Way includes providing solutions for Selling Land for Cash. Land Helpers assist people in all walks of life with their land-related needs.

It was really quick. We signed the papers and the next thing I know, I got the check the following week. It was really simple and I appreciate the help. It was nice – we had the property for a long time and we thought we’d do something with it but life happens. I was just glad to get something out of it and move on.

Rick R.


Justin and his team really helped us. We didn’t understand the paperwork but he took the time to explain everything. We used the money to fix our septic system. I’m not sure what we would have done if we didn’t get the check quickly. We’re on a fixed income with social security so the extra money saved us.

Rosie G.


I’ve had other low offers before and some other guy never called back. These guys followed through and got me a good price. Couldn’t be happier. It was easy. My daughter didn’t want the lot anyway so now I don’t have to deal with it. Made some money too!

Chris M.


Partner with Land Helpers

If you:

  • Are looking for a simple, secure, and fair way to sell your property… We can help!
  • Want superior service and top-dollar offers… We can help!
  • Want guaranteed cash in your pocket within 30 days for your unwanted land… We can help!
  • Need help with back taxes, inheritances, trusts, probate, divorce or other issues… We can help!