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Who We Are

The Land Helpers was started in 2021 by Justin Ignacio and Mauricio “Mo” Marin. Our company currently consists of 4 U.S. based employees. We’re a small but mighty team and take pride in genuinely being Land Helpers!

As “Land Helpers,” we genuinely want to find solutions that are best for you, the land and the communities in which the land is located. We ensure that landowners are aware of the value of their property and the different options available should they decide to sell. 

We see land as a long-term asset. Unlike our competitors who quickly re-sell your land at a markup, we actively seek ways to add value to the property. Some of our strategies include utility installation, subdividing, easement/legal access negotiations, land clearing, and housing development. We want you to feel good knowing that your land which has sat dormant, unused and unwanted for decades will finally reach its highest and best use!

Want to talk about your land? Call us today! We’re the Land Helpers and it’s in our name…we’re here to help!

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If you:

  • Are looking for a simple, secure, and fair way to sell your property… We can help!
  • Want superior service and top-dollar offers… We can help!
  • Want guaranteed cash in your pocket within 30 days for your unwanted land… We can help!
  • Need help with back taxes, inheritances, trusts, probate, divorce or other issues… We can help!