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Sell Your Vacant Land

We make it simple. You want to sell unwanted land. We pay cash for land.

How it Works

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Submit Your Property

Simply submit your information using our “Get Offer Now” button. Or you can call or email us and we will get going on the review process

Sell land for cash

Receive a CASH offer for your unwanted land

Land Helpers will provide you with a cash offer for your unused land and can discuss all options available to you.

Trusted Real Estate Agent for Land

Land Helpers coordinate the transaction

Land Helpers work with you to navigate any issues, coordinate with the title company, and send over a mobile notary to you. Our goal is a simple and hassle-free process.

Get cash for land

Land Helpers get you PAID!

You pick the closing date! You will receive payment via wire transfer or cashiers check 2-3 business days after signing.

The Land Helpers Difference

You’ll notice right away we’re different from other businesses who may be mailing you letters to buy your land. We actually care about your land and what happens to the communities that we serve. The Land Helpers offer options. 

We’ve helped hundreds of people sell land quickly without stress.


Here’s how the Land Helpers can bring value:


Vacant land is our sole focus.
We Work on Your Timeline
Depending on how quickly you want to sell your vacant land, we have options for almost every seller. Are you looking to Sell Your Land Fast? We've got you covered.
No Closing Costs, Commissions or Fees
We pay 100% of your costs at closing. Our purchase amount is what you receive!
No Disclosure Paperwork
Don’t worry about the condition of the property. Get rid of it “as-is”. Property Lots for Sale are in demand, regardless of condition.
No More Taxes
Plans change, life happens. Stop paying for a property you don’t want or need.
We Solve Your Problems
We are pros at solving inheritance, trusts, divorce, and probate issues. We have the legal resources to get your property sold. We can assist you.

Partner with Land Helpers

If you:

  • Are looking for a simple, secure, and fair way to sell your property… We can help!
  • Want superior service and top-dollar offers… We can help!
  • Want guaranteed cash in your pocket within 30 days for your unwanted land… We can help!
  • Need help with back taxes, inheritances, trusts, probate, divorce or other issues… We can help!