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For Sale by Owner? Pros and Cons

For Sale By Owner (FSBO), is a very straightforward proposition in the vacant land market. Traditionally, this means you have decided to sell your parcel of land, and you want to skip the real estate agent commissions by going directly to land buyers. At Land Helpers, we help you skip real estate commissions and closing costs. Our goal is to get you a hassle-free cash offer on your desk so we can set up a streamlined escrow and closing process while using a Title Company to complete the transaction for legitimate and secure transactions.

Selling Land the Traditional Way

So you’ve inherited a piece of land, and you want to sell your land fast, but if you go about this the same way you’d sell your home, you first have to:

A. Find a realtor or real estate agent, presumably with some raw land sales experience, to leverage their marketing strategies and listing service.

B. You would have to hire an appraiser whose assessment of the value of your land might be different than expected.

C. Once your online listing goes live, you then play “The Waiting Game” of hoping prospective buyers in the raw land real estate market will meet your sale price in a timely manner.

D. Once an actual real estate transaction is underway, you have the costs associated with a Title Company (zoning and property tax liens), Escrow, and Real Estate Attorney (to review the legal documents and sales contract). Of course, the more significant 10% commission fee from an agent who may have waited years to close can impact what you take home from the sale.

Of course, the more significant 10% commission fee from an agent who may have waited years to close can impact what you take home from the sale.

At Land Helpers, We Buy Land with a Simple Sales Process

First impressions matter. At Land Helpers, our target audience is property owners who want their land purchase to happen promptly and without any fuss.

Selling vacant land can happen with a simple purchase price to the right buyer who drafts a purchase agreement with closing statements that are easy to follow and don’t require complicated owner financing because we buy in cash- wired directly to your account. Consider getting in touch for a no-obligation quote and hassle-free cash offer, and let us weigh the possibilities of getting you top dollar in 30 days or less with Land helpers.


Will I have help along the process with my purchase order?

Yes, our staff will guide you through the process and you will have to have a licensed notary present as would be the case with any purchase agreement.

How would I receive my money?

Funds will be wired directly into your account to complete the escrow.

Is it really that simple to sell my land?

Yes! Simply give us a call and we will walk you through the necessary steps swiftly and efficiently so you can get back to your life with cash in hand.

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